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Adam Gregory

During her time working for an independent Artist Management Company, Porch Swing Entertainment, Stephanie was delighted to get to work with well know Canadian Country Recording Artist,  Adam Gregory.  From song pitches & selection, to photoshoots, recording,  a big show at Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, AB,  a full rebrand and everything in between it was an crazy whirlwind of music magic.  Stephanie's tenure with Adam's team was capped off with a 10 day radio promotion tour for Dirt Road Therapy which was released in July of 2016. 

"I am proud of the work we did, says Gregory pictured here just before playing Big Valley Jamboree's Main Stage in August of 2016.


Don Amero

Sitting across from three time Juno Nominee, Don Amero, in Winnipeg just before Christmas in December 2016, Stephanie says she knew instantly that she needed to work with Don.  "As soon as he said I believe music is medicine I got goosebumps and my heart was racing, that was my password at that time because I believe that so deeply.  It was meant to be." she says.  The proudest moment of her time working with Don was watching him perform "Church", a song she'd pitched to him several times, on APTN's Aboriginal Day Live and seeing him perform it during the Juno's in Ottawa in the Spring of 2017.  Rebranding, recording and releasing Church with Don is a major highlight of Stephanie's career.